CoDA Conservation

CoDA Conservation grew out of our concern at the needless decay, destruction or insensitive redevelopment of so many wonderful old buildings. These, whether in Conservation Areas, Listed or not, are 'time capsules' carrying the needs, aspirations, achievements, skills and values of many previous generations. They contribute an essential part to our quality of life, often defining sense of place in our street, town or city, home or workplace. Their loss diminishes us all.

They are a resource not only in the accommodation they offer for new uses but also in the continuity they embody in their fabric. CoDA Conservation provides a multi-discipline architectural and engineering service for bringing unoccupied fine old and Listed Buildings back into beneficial use, harnessing sensitive design, traditional skills and historic fabric to the realistic performance needs of the marketplace. We also carry out development appraisals and master-planning for the regeneration of derelict industrial sites in urban and rural areas, including worked-out quarries. The built and landscape heritage is encouraged to regenerate through harmonisation of character and economic function. In short, Conservation Through Development.

CoDA Conservation specialist skills include architectural conservation, strategies for restoration and reuse, conservation as part of development appraisals and architectural services generally for works to historic properties and listed buildings. In large and small projects we aim to help the owner or purchaser of an old property access clearly at an early stage the costs and opportunities of restoration. CoDA aims to bring our combined expertise to all of its works. However, where required, CoDA offers individual services in the fields of Architect or Engineer (Structural or Civil).

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